No one wants to play off mats, any mats, so ask yourself – why does the Smart Mat® receive so much tremendous feedback from Golfers?
Answer: It really must be as good as they say it is!

Clubs and PGA Professional testimonials

“We have now introduced the Smart Mat at Royal Troon Golf Club for winter play and the feedback from members is extremely positive: “Best winter mat I have ever used”;”Feels great to play off”; “Very handy to slip in to the pocket between shots”; “I hit my iron shots further than usual in the winter” are some of the comments we have had. We feel it is a great product at a very reasonable price and it is the best winter mat we have used.”

Kieron Stevenson, Head Pro Royal Troon Golf Club

Royal Troon utilised the Smart Mat exclusively to protect the course prior to the 2016 British OPEN Championship

“I am pleased to tell you that the Smart Mats are selling at a fantastic rate! Please could you begin count down as quickly as possible and blast off another box of 50 sets in my direction”

“Andrew Myers, Class AA PGA Pro, Reddish Vale Golf Club” He sold out in less than a week!

“We doubted to use the Smart Mat on our course. As the weather forecast isn’t as in Spain we were obligated to close the course more than we wanted. This was the most important reason to use the Smart Mat. Last winter we could open the course much more due to the Smart Mat. In the beginning of the season, the fairways looked amazing and this lasted the whole season. There are a lot of people who were sceptical in advance, but afterwards they changed their thoughts. This should be used in every golf club in Belgium and we hope a lot will follow!”

Manager Waregem Golf, Frank Salembier (hcp 3.1)

“Thank you for the prompt delivery of 50 Smart Mats, it’s right not to call them just mats! 5 days in and I only have 3 left, enough said. Send another 50 ASAP”

Nick Ryan, PGA Pro, Ringway Golf Club

“Hi divotEND, had a successful first weekend on mats and the Smart Mat went down very well. Of the 50 sets I ordered I only have 15 left and could do with another box ASAP please”.

Carl PGA Pro, Mellor and Townscliffe Golf Club

“The 2012/13 winter season was the first time our club used the Smart Mats. They proved to be a great success in the protection of the course with a huge reduction in the number of divots and most of our members found them great to play off, especially when the ground was wet and mucky. There is also the added benefit that we make a few £ pounds from the sales. We will be stocking them again this winter.”

Peter Hanna PGA Pro, Lurgan Golf Club

“First of all I was sceptical about the use of winter mats. But after testing the Smart Mat I’m convinced that this is a big improvement for the course in winter time. It enables me to strike the ball as well as on a normal summer fairway. Don’t be afraid to hit down on a ball like a normal summer shot. It is a perfect winter exercise/drill to keep your swing in shape for the summer. And of course it helps the sustainability of the course during the winter time.”

Thibault Werbrouck, PGA Pro, Waregem Golf (former Challenge Tour player).

“Your product is a great one and the amount of customers we have in our shop who talk about their friends having one and how they just had to have one as well is amazing.”

The Pro Shop, St Andrews

“First time we have used mats at Chevin Golf Club but the feedback about the Smart Mat has so far been excellent. Within the space of a couple of weeks since we started selling them we are now on our fourth box.”

200 sets in just 2 weeks! Willie Bird, PGA Pro

“A great success, what a terrific sensation hitting off this “Smart Mat”!! By the way they are selling like the proverbial hotcakes in Cruden Bay!! Best regards, Jim”

Golfer Feedback

“Hi Guys, Just thought I’d let you know how pleased I am with the Smart Mat. I’ve used it for 3 rounds now, I can’t believe how easy it is to use compared to the bit of artificial turf I had been using. Our course wants us to play mats from semi rough as well, this has proved to be no problem for the Smart Mat, in fact I’m going to miss this come Spring, great product guys. Regards, John” email

“I recently purchased three of your smart mats and I must admit I was quite surprised how big a difference it made compared to the conventional mats. (I am a 6 handicap golfer in winter and 9 in summer). Thank you for a great product.” Hamish

“We provide ‘astro turf’ type mats free to borrow for a round but virtually all members are trying them then returning to buy the Smart Mats from the club. All owners of the Smart Mats are using them in preference to Preferred Lies (lift & place).” DH, Golf Magic forum

“These are a huge advance on old-style winter mats. They inspire confidence and are a fun to play off. Also a fantastic tool for practising your golf or preparing ahead of a round, allowing you to swing downwards without taking a divot or offering a consistent surface to hit warm-up shots from. A truly great product.” Duncan, South Africa

“I’m not sure if Gleneagles is insisting on winter turf protection but that apart, my playing partner went round in a scratch 70 with his launcher at Turnhouse GC recently and I just have to see if some of that rubs off on me as well. The big kid in me will be using the Smart Mat no matter what.” Brilliant guys, and thanks for that. Clive

“A great success, what a terrific sensation hitting off this “mat”!! By the way they are selling like the proverbial hotcakes in Cruden Bay!! Best regards, Jim

“Used the Smart Mat last year, beats teeing up teeing up in winter conditions, clubs should make them mandatory in winter, stops fairways getting ripped up, and no need to pick and play from the first cut.” John H.

“Smart Mats bring a little bit of summer to those horrible winter golf courses! As vital to enjoying a nice winter round as a pair of gloves. You shouldn’t go without either!” Dave S.

“Won’t play winter golf without one! Hands done the best winter mat in the business! I use it on winter tees as well, so stops your irons from getting marked…..easier to use, lighter, doesn’t deform like other mats, it’s a no brainer! It’s simple, take it out, throw it down, roll your ball on, give it a crack, pick it up. Gonna pick myself up a spare in case I lose it, or the people who try it don’t give it me back”. Trevor Hulton

“The best winter mat on the market without doubt “. Fred Green

“No kidding they are great and have got much interest at our club. 4 of my pals have ordered online too as result and all single figure handicappers. Just trying to convince our club shop to look into stocking the Smart Mat now!!!” Martin, Lancs

“This product is awesome this is what winter golf has needed” Andy H. (f.b)

“Guys ,I bought a rocket launcher at the golf show on Saturday morning and drove straight to the course to try it. Awesome awesome awesome!! I am going to try to get more people at my course using it. Cheers” – Brian

“Hi got 2 rocket launchers from you at your hotel and can’t say enough good things about it, it is the best mat I have ever used, great for off the tee, irons, rescue clubs even fairway woods, chipping, the ball sits great every time, a must for winter golf, can’t do without mine now, anyone who tries one will love it, thanks again.” – Graham, Tulliallan

“I can honestly say I have never enjoyed winter golf as much as when I recently tried out Rocket Launcher. From tee, fairway or for chips round the green the feel from the club was tremendous. Shot 74 scratch – can’t remember the last time I shot such a low score.” – Alastair, West Lothian

“Just bought the Smart Mat today from my Golf Club pro and played with it for the first time…..Wow!! Absolutely fantastic! It’s definitely the best mat I’ve ever used. It was also very handy because I always struggle to put my tee peg into our Winter Tee Mats but using this off the Tee mats we have in play was absolutely fine. I love it :))” Gillian, Facebook

“Superb, your mats save the course & my clubs stay clean!!! Well worth the money, thank you.” – Tony, Lancashire

“This product is a good as it says it is. Couldn’t recommend highly enough, do yourself a favour, buy this product” Twitter @Andy2681

“Just ordered my second divot end, because the first has transformed my game. I have been carding consistently lower since I started to use this little beauty! I now have confidence that the ball isn’t going to move as it does invariably on all those other horrible winter mats. Have been living in fear of leaving it on the course and having to go back to the old mat. I can’t recommend your product highly enough. Thank you very, very much!” Chris H., Cheadle Golf Club

“Used the mat today, 2 Feb, absolutely superb. Full normal swing, no distance loss and no impact pain. The ball launched well from any club and I was able to hit draws, fades, punched, anything. Can’t wait for next week. The only disappointment is that mats come off our course, Monifeith, at the end of the month. Excellent product and totally hooked.” Rob P, Monifeith GC

“Purchased the Smart Mat after viewing the divotEND video on Youtube and have not looked back, its been a revelation. Decided to have a change this morning and go back to my old fairway mat and after an awful front nine pulled out the Smart Mat and played a superb back nine, needless to say I won’t have a change again! I love the Smart Mat and have recommended it to all my playing partners.” – Carl, Lancashire

I hate using fairway mats so this is the perfect solution. It’s even small enough to keep in pocket. J.Gannon Amazon

This is a superb product. In my view it is the best golf mat ever produced. D. Howie Amazon

Goods received promptly – so much better on the fairway than a wet piece of Astroturf.

Used on the golf course for a full round today and have to say I am very impressed indeed, the old carpet type is now a thing of the past. Mac on Amazon

Superb item and the delivery was first class. Steading, eBay
My second one, great product! Robert, eBay
The product rated ten out of ten. All the best for the future! Alan A, eBay
One of the best golfing products ever purchased..10/10 service …..Gary P , eBay

“Picked my smart mat up last night. I had a few hit in back garden into my homemade driving net, very impressed. It’s getting great feed back around the club” Paul, Renfrewshire

“Divotend Team, Just wanted to say thanks again for sending me, not only the tees that I was missing, but also a second smart mat, your customer service has been truly excellent. Thanks again, happy golfer” Kieran, Lothian

“My second one , great product can’t wait till the winter league” Robert

“Perfect, miles better that an astro turf mat!!” Mad Sparkie

“@divotEND used mine for the first time yesterday, brilliant, much better than using astro turf mat & a more natural feel on each shot #goodwork” tweeted by @Russanderson70

“Love this product, does the job fine. Good addition to your golfing equipment. Got my mate one as well.” Jean (Amazon)


“Thank you for the comprehensive email – it was really interesting to learn about the product in greater detail and to see that it is very much a Scottish product. Interestingly I became aware of your product as the Chairman of our board has one and swears by it (no greater endorsement).” Anon Executive

“Bought a Smart Mat a few years ago and without doubt is a must have for the autumnal and winter months ahead. This mat is great to use on the tee and on the fairways in both hard and soft conditions. No more hammering tees into the hard ground or mud splattering in really soft conditions. Keeps you and your swing looking good when the conditions are not. Great piece of kit, much better than other solutions without a doubt. Highly recommended. Can you imagine how good your course would be next spring if no one took divots throughout the winter months by simply using the Smart Mat?” Bruce Lowe

“Thank you for sending me the samples. They arrived today. In my opinion they are far superior to the multi mats we have been using at the club.” Club Secretary

“@LancsGolfReview anyone wanting to make winter golf more enjoyable check out @divotEnd great product” Tweeted by Paul @thefifthdroog

“Great golf mat. Very easy to use with the ball sitting well on the mat, even works on inclined lies. Highly recommend item for winter golf” Alan R (Amazon)

“We were given a Smart Mat to trial by the Golfer Newspaper in Worcester. Our members found it really helpful. Would your company be happy to donate 3 of these so all our members can get to use and benefit from such a helpful tool?” Insight Golf for the visually impaired. We sent 6 sets to these courageous golfers.

“Absolutely far better than any of the old mats.” Robert (Amazon)

“The Smart Mat has changed the face of winter golf and made it a better experience for many, many golfers” Fife Government Senior Executive and avid golfer.

“I have ordered the Smart Mat before for a birthday gift. The recipient, an avid golfer who plays at least twice a week, was thrilled with it so it’s repeated every year.” D O’Connor, Cheshire

“5 Stars! Amazing! I have tried various golf mats, rubber backed & door mats etc and all get destroyed within a 100 shots. The divotEnd Smart Mat arrived this morning and I took it out to put it through its paces, it sits perfectly on the surface and nicely offers up the ball. I hit 150 balls about a 100 yards with a 9 iron. The results – Smart Mat has superficial scuffs on it but washed up fine, the 9 iron has no marks on it, not one divot in the grass, the mat came to rest within a foot every shot, my confidence was greatly improved by removing the fear of taking out a divot, time will tell on its lifespan but being hammered by a club 150 times with no adverse effects bodes well for the future, also works great with air and foam balls. Lakey (Amazon)
….and later……
“What a piece of luck, the only golf mat I’ll ever need, just try it, you won’t be disappointed. I am not sure why this is not available in more golf stores, found it by chance. Another 150 shots (later), more scuff marks but still working fine.” Lakey (Amazon)

“5 stars! Great bit of kit. Great golf mat. Very easy the use with the ball well on the mat, even works on inclined lies. Highly recommend item for winter golf.” Alan.R (Amazon)

“5 Stars! Love this product does the job fine. Good addition to your golfing equipment. Got my mate one as well.”Jean Smith (Amazon)

“5 Stars! Far better than hitting off a piece of AstroTurf during the winter months. No splash of mud everywhere when you hit a shot.” Kenneth Mchardy (Amazon)

“5 Stars! Good service only used a few times but have already made a big difference to my iron play of the fairway.” Brian Y (Amazon)

“5 Stars! Best fairway protector. Much better than mats provided at local golf club,ground contours don’t affect a clean contact.” W.Elliot (Amazon)

“5 Stars! A winner. I have found this device to be much more reliable than the various versions of AstroTurf that I have used previously.” Jennifer M (Amazon)

“I would like to take this opportunity to say that your Smart Mat is far better than all the other mats I’ve used in the past.” Geoff C., Lancs


“I bought my Smart mat from you direct last winter. I was sold on its durability and ease of carrying.I have rarely had such great customer service with any of my online purchases. I shall be sure to spread the word amongst my playing colleagues.” Mike, Lancs

“Can I take this opportunity to thank you for this excellent customer service and if you have any flyers I will certainly place on our board at work and golf club. Thanks” S Weddell

“So glad that you have restocked. The thought of having to play of those horrible mats that my club supplies was giving me nightmares. Divotend is the best thing that ever happened to winter golf!” Chris H., Cheadle Golf Club

“Your product is a great one and the amount of customers we have in our shop who talk about their friends having one and how they just HAD TO HAVE ONE as well is amazing.” The Pro Shop, St Andrews

“I have to say I am very satisfied with your excellent service. My father-in-law has already used his and thinks it is great. ” Ken, West Yorkshire

“I am a member of Windermere golf club and it insists on winter mats. Several of my colleagues have got a Smart Mat and we all agree – they are brilliant for ensuring a smooth follow through.” Des.

“I have used a Smart Mat for a couple of years, and I find it excellent! Simply using your normal swing, whether with a wedge to the green, a long iron or a wood, the results are consistently very good. I sometimes wish I could use it all the year round!”  Grant Paterson 9 Handicap

“It is the best mat I have ever used 10 out of 10 excellent value.” Mald7397, eBay

“Winter golf made easy. This takes all the hard work out of winter golf 10 out of 10.” Winte_barr, eBay

“Brill product for a great price. Every shot was accurate.” Stutheblue67, eBay
“Hit it right and the ball flies! You don’t really have to adjust your swing to use one either so it’s a cracking piece of kit. Great for playing courses that get soft in the winter. A face full of mud is never fun.” Anon Amazon
“I much prefer this smart mat to the imitation turf ones issued by my golf club, the hole where the ball sits is off-centre so worthwhile experimenting with the mat both ways round.” Jag1808 Amazon
“Great for winter golf where you need a mat on the fairway.” Anon Amazon
“Because it is arched you can strike down on the ball unlike when using a mat.” AF Amazon
“Very good + easy to carry … takes a bit of getting used to.” The Pride Amazon
“Really effective!” Beadle Amazon
“Perfect!” Murray Weston Amazon
“Brilliant. I use it in Cyprus.” Kathleen Harris Amazon
“Far better than my old flat winter mat.” W.Rountree Amazon
“Very good golf item for winter tee :) “ S. Knott Amazon
“Nice bit of Kit. Works well when you get used to it.” Anon Amazon
“Five Stars! Best mat out there.” A.Kitchling Amazon

There are more tremendous comments coming in all the time – far too many to place in one document. Some of us have to use mats for almost half of every year so it’s about time golf with mats plays AND feels like NATURAL GRASS GOLF. We expect that one of the next comments we cite here will be yours.

Don’t forget, the Smart Mat is forged in Scotland – where we really do know golf.