Distance Clips


An instant reminder of the distance you hit with each of your own clubs. Each high quality nylon clip is labelled with a number, with 10 metre/yard increments. So you have one clip labelled 40, another 50, another 60 etc up to 200. Each pack has 17 clips contained in a small re-sealable storage pack.

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An instant reminder of the distance hit with each of your clubs

Here is the simple inexpensive solution to your golf distance determination issues.

Once clipped onto the shaft they stay secure. The nylon marker snaps on and off easily but they do not fall off. When the club is in your bag, you can easily see the Distance Clips when selecting your club.

Go to the range and figure out how far you’re hitting your clubs. Then place the correct clip on the shaft. Once you have clipped your clubs and you go play golf on the course, you have a better idea of the correct club to use to get closer to the hole but not past it.

These clips "conform to the rules of golf" by the PGA and European R&A so you can use them anytime, pleasure or tournament.

Distance Clips will increase speed of play because you have a better idea which club to grab out of your bag, increase your accuracy or range, resulting in decreasing the strokes per round.

Distance Clips are the most simple, inexpensive solution to a better round of golf.

Hit, then clip!

Each Distance Clips package contains 17 clips ranging from 40 to 200 Metres/yards, in 10 m/yard increments.

Each set includes a free convenient zip-lock storage pouch.