• The Smart Mat® has passed the test & is welcomed as a long awaited replacement for the old, tired, grass mats
  • When struck it feels like you’ve played off the natural turf so it maximises enjoyment and minimises wear ‘n’ tear on you & your clubs
  • The Smart Mat® is so slender the ball rests a scant millimetre or so above grass height so no need to shorten your grip as with mats
  • No restraint required – we can all strike at full strength again without fear of typical golf mat backlash
  • Backspin, Fade or Draw shots off the Smart Mat® as required without varying your off turf techniques
  • It is self anchoring so no more additional bending over to insert anchoring tees. Just tap it down with your club head, there, it’s anchored

Easier, faster teeing and never another lost or broken tee.
35mm (1.45’) & 45mm (1.75’) lengths

  • The roll channel saves bending over to place the ball – just roll the ball on with your club head
  • Golf balls remain in-situ on the delicately designed strike point – even on a sloping fairway
  • It delivers a pleasing strike resistance that is befittingly unique to each club’s turf density
  • The special flexible tee inserts for Drivers are height adjustable to suit all golfers’ desires
  • Get maximun distance drives without a 4 inch nail deflecting your follow through & littering tee boxes
  • The Smart Mat® doesn’t hold dirt or water so no more large, wet & dirty 3rd hand mud sponges to carry around, drop and lose
  • You won’t need to search on the teeing ground for your tee again – the Smart Mat® L and XL Length RELOADS are virtually impossible to lose
  • It’s worth saying again….The Smart Mat® is proudly Forged In Scotland, where we know golf.